a visit to a historical place essay 250 words

a visit to a historical place essay 250 words - topic

  1. Introduction
  2. Its history
  3. Man building
  4. Other things
  5. A great work of art
  6. Conclusion
a visit to a historical place essay 250 words


1. introduction - I had a great desire to see the Taj Mahal-the most graceful and matchless tomb at Agra. So I made use of the Diwali holidays and planned to visit Agra with my few friends. My father was ready to head us.

2. Its history - the mughal emperor, Shah jahan built this world famous tomb for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, as a token of his great love for her. It is said that it took 20 years to build and 20 thousand men were employed to complete it.

3. Man building - we were so anxious  to see it. At last the fortunate moment arrived. We reached Agra and were in the premises of Taj in the evening just before sunset. The beautiful garden is surrounded by tall cypress tree and smooth green lawns. Beds of glowing flowers and its flashing flowers are centre of attraction. It is all made of marble with white dome rising of in the midst with four tall white marble minarets around it, one at each corner of the raised platform on which the great tomb stood. l enjoyed this splendid sight which was unique.

4. Other things - it was the time of sunset when we went of the marble steps from where the Dome seemed to soar high up into the blue sky and the clouds which were red and gold with sunset light. it stands on the bank of blue river the Yamuna. The water glowed and made the building look very beautiful

5. A great work of art - impressed with the sight we further went to see the marble tomb within. they were decorated with precious stones and the beautiful screens of carved marble. the queen's body laid below. The tomb of queen lies in a small room which could be reached by descending steps. This hall showed it's beauty bi beautiful marble work. The pavement is made with the square of White and the black marble. The inscriptions from quran were there on the walls. The flower designs are inlaid with beautiful precious stones of different colours.
The day we visited the Taj was luckily a full moon. The whole building shone like silver, like a pearl. It was a wonderful sight to see. It is an Memorable sight.

6. Conclusion - it always had been a subject for the poets and lovers. Some say it as a 'poem in marble'and some describe it as a 'dreams in marble'.many poems and songs have been composed praising the love of Shah jahan for Mumtaz. People visit to see this incompatible building from all over the world to see this great piece of art and fill it in their memory.

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