wonder of science ka nibandh | वंडर ऑफ साइंस ऐसे इंग्लिश में

Hello friend, welcome to the article 'wonder of science ka nibandh'.  Today, in this article, I have brought 10 topics of 'wonder of science essay English mein' which you will be easy to read and remember.  Let's study below-

wonder of science ka nibandh | वंडर ऑफ साइंस ऐसे इंग्लिश में- 

Wonder of science ka nibandh
Wonder of science ka nibandh

Wonder of science ka nibandh topics

  • Introduction
  • Fulfillment of our Needs
  • Machines
  • Traffic
  • Entertainment
  • Agriculture and business
  • Electricity
  • Medical Aid
  • Means of recreation
  • Conclusion

1. Introduction

it is the age of science. Every moment of our daily life is governed by science. From morning till evening, whatever we use, those things are the blessing of science. Science itself is a blessing to us. We cannot live without it.

2. Fulfillment of our Needs - 

We have striving for fulfillment of human needs. Science has invented and invented many things to fulfill all our needs. The things like tooth paste, beauty shop, cakes, fine dresses, tasteful eatables, sleeping coach, musical instruments, pens, books etc. are things to meet our needs. This fulfillment has made us happy.

3. Machines - 

science has developed its power in all directions. Today, due to science, we have movement from one place to another through machines like buses, trains and airplanes. Beside these vehicles, industrial machines have been made with the help of science. We can move to any part of the world by means of communication.big industries have been set of to produce different things.

Wonder of science essay English mein

Wonder of science essay English mein
Wonder of science essay English mein

4. Traffic - 

Today science has reduced the distances of human life very rarely.  Earlier, it used to take many years for a human to go from one place to another, whereas today man can overcome the distances of many miles in a short time.

 In a very short time, humans have developed all the means of transport like helicopters, airplanes, cars etc.

5. Entertainment -

Today's human wants to succeed by working hard day by day but after this hard work every human being needs entertainment.

 Today, radio, television, DVD player, 3D cinema, computer, Internet etc. are many such things which have been invented by science.  We can talk to our relatives sitting face to face through video calling by computer and internet.

6. Agriculture and Business -

Science has made unlimited development of agriculture, industries, factories and so on.

 Today agriculture has become a very developed area.  There are unlimited factories for making steel, fertilizers and equipment, food items, vehicles, textiles etc. made by science.  At the same time, there has been substantial development with the help of science in small and cottage industries.

7. Electricity - 

Electricity is a great wonder. It has lighted our houses and the streets. All these machines are run by electricity. If science had not invented electricity, nothing could be done. It runs trains and industrial machines. By virtue of science, we have colours, fans and all sorts of domestic machines. These things serve us in our daily life and make us happy.

8. Medical Aid -

 the difficult and incurable disease have been successfully treated. Science has made it easy to find out the root cause of the diseases by different machines like x-ray machine, Electrocardiogram and the machine for sonography etc. Are great wonders of science. Approaches to successful machines are also the blessing of science. It is a service to human beings.

9. Means of recreation -

 it is a great wonder that we can enjoy games, sports, dances and other cultural activities going on in any part of the world. Television gives us real picture of the activities. Even feature films can be seen on T.V., radio, fax and telephone are the great wonders of science. Wireless also a great wonder of science. We can talk to any person of the world.

10. Conclusion –

 Victory of science over darkness, ignorance, Illiteracy, disappointment and tiredness has been announced. Science is thus a good servant to serve a human beings. It has made our lives full of comfort and pleasure.

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